Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Love This Kid

I finally got a video of Anna singing some of her new favorite songs and saying two of her new favorite "excited" phrases, "AWESOME", and "OH GOSH!"
I also got this great video of Anna dancing at "reading" group at the library. All the other kids sit with their moms, but Anna insists on going up to the front and spinning in circles for everyone. She's not singing along like usual in this video (I'm amazed at how many songs she suddenly knows the words to!), but she is showing off her hot moves and finishes up with her standard "AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN" demand for more music.


Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

Okay- She's definitely a prodigy...but my favorite part was your lovely voice singing my favorite Annie number... Sally Simpson knew you had the "magic" all along!

The Hedden Family said...

That was way too cute! I actually could tell she was singing the Little Mermaid song... scary! Or maybe she's that good. I love the way she says "to-monow"! I think I could watch that one over and over! Thanks. :)

The Carusos said...

oh my word....she's a little star like you...maybe she'll land the lead in Pirates of Penzwhatever, that show was that you know who brought you flowers to!!ha!!Nicholas and Matthew were very entertained btw...it might be tough competition for the two of them:)