Tuesday, March 10, 2009


No photos today. I just wanted to share some funny things Anna's been saying:

Last night, I sat down at her little table and asked what she was going to make me for dinner. She says "Ummm, sgetti! Hol on. Be white back!" and runs over to find the fake plate of spaghetti in her kitchen. So cute!

We were up in her room sitting in the rocking chair and she points to the toile pattern on the seat cushion and says "Angels... mmm, axe-ly (i.e. actually), babies." I guess she got that from me. When she's trying to identify something and gets it wrong, I say, "Well, acutally, that's the color blue" to let her down easy. I can't believe she picked that up!

This morning she was looking for a piece to her little tea set and when she finally spotted it, she exclaims "Dere she is!", which, of course, is what Josh and I say when we see her. Agh! All the talking is a little overwhelming somedays, but on the whole, super cute.

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