Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunshine... Finally!

We finally got a few hours of sun here in the Northeast, so Anna enjoyed some much needed outdoor time, complete with the baby pool (stove-heated water added by mom), popsicles (resulting in purple stickiness from head to toe), and karoke (yes, outdoor Sunday School karoke on the swingset platform... Josh's invention).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Girl

This past weekend we celebrated Anna's second birthday. We started off the day by dumping a huge bag of balloons into her crib when she woke up (she loved it) and then took her down to the kitchen where she got her princess-themed presents and had belgian waffles with dip-dip (syrup) for breakfast (while wearing a new princess crown).
Later that day, Grandmom and Grandpop Heebner came up to celebrate with us and brought lots of great -- primarily princess-themed -- gifts!
As requested, Anna got a pink birthday cake and managed to consume an adult-sized portion, stuffing her face right into the plate. Grandmom & Grandpop were charged with the post-cake bathtime duties and must have worn her out pretty good because she fell right to sleep despite the mounds of sugar.

The next day all five of us drove to Point Judith and took the ferry over to Block Island. Despite a rough ride over (yes, I did throw up into Anna's jacket the whole way over), we had a great time exploring this strange little place. Unfortunately, my primary focus was on finding Dramamine for the ride back and I neglected to take enough pictures. I did, however, snap this cute one of Anna attempting to heist the giant M & M.