Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Big Guy

All of the sudden, Jack has changed from a blobby newborn into a spunky little baby. It feels like he learned to sit up overnight and now he's a total wild man in his walker. He's grabbing for everything in site, laughing up a storm, and has even mastered the uber tricky pointer finger - thumb pick up technique... which means he can officially be amused with a small pile of Gerber puffs on his high chair tray for at least eight minutes... which, in turn, means I can feed myself once in a while (yeah food). At 28" and almost 18 lbs, he has also officially outgrown his infant car seat. Yikes. While all this super fast growing up makes me a little bit sad, I'm mostly just happy to see him finally enjoying his world... sleeping more... spitting up less... and giving me enough toothless grins and giggles to make up for the fact that he still seems bent on starting his day at 5:15 every morning.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nothing New Under The Son

Some twenty-odd years ago, I participated in my last week of Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). The Chelten Baptist Church DVBS theme that year? Son Seeker Safari. Frighteningly enough, I still remember a good portion of the theme song and accompanying hand motions. (Amazing what your brain hangs on to). This past week, Anna participated in her first DVBS program and I found that there isn't much new under the sun (or Son if you're going with the single most overused DVBS play-on-words known to man). The theme for her DVBS program was "Kingdom of the Son: A Prayer Safari." Eerily familiar... as were the cotton ball & pipe cleaner-laden craft projects, the 1980's-esqe pop melodies, and the adorably disorganized closing night ceremony. Typical Heebner blog sarcasm aside, I will say that Anna absolutely LOVED Bible school (thanks again Katie for inviting her!). And I loved watching Anna's unbridled and completely unselfconscious enthusiasm. There's something wildly endearing about the wonder and abandon with which a toddler approaches new things and people. She has no fear, no worry, and no expectation of disappointment. If only we could all experience life like a three year old does! So, without further adieu, allow me to present a video from Friday's closing ceremony. No need to strain your eyes to find Anna in the group. She's the one right out front...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter (well, sort of)

History has officially repeated itself. Sort of. 27 years ago, I was a flower girl in my aunt & uncle's wedding and, as the tale goes, completed the task in typical Laura fashion, carefully placing small, meticulous piles of petals in several very specific locations. I was quiet, timid, demure, and fulfilled my flower girl duties with no extra fanfare or amusement. Fast forward to July 3, 2010 with Anna as flower girl in her Uncle Ben's wedding. In the lobby beforehand (and the rest of the night for that matter), there was giggling, crying, dancing, twirling and plenty of undefinable flailing. She was up the stairs, down the stairs, scattering church pamphlets, dumping petals preemtively, trying to stand on her head, and generally trying her best to completely destory her dress & hair. And then the big moment came. She headed down the aisle without hesitation, sprinkling her flowers as directed until she got halfway and decided to dump the whole basket, saying, "I just dropped them all right here!" Everyone laughted and she retreated. Fortunately dad-dad was waiting at the back of the church and was able to convince her to head back down the aisle and finish the job -- petals or not. As this all unfolded, I was sitting in the front row getting all choked up. It sounds pathetic, but it was my first experience with feeling nervous for my daughter and it broke my heart! There she was, heading down that aisle all by herself with everyone staring at her. Not that it would have mattered if she did something totally crazy or didn't do anything at all, but it was big for me because I realized it was the first of many times that I'll have to send her out into the world and let her do something on her own. Oh the sadness of realizing that I can't hold her hand forever! This may sound dramatic, but the feeling was real. So anyways, getting back on track... despite a very serious case of the wiggles and an approach which bore no resemblance to the one I took as flower girl, Anna was a true success. Charming. Amusing. Fearless. My girl.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Peaceful Little Boy

Since birth, Jack's life has been characterized by complete chaos. In fact, even before Jack was born, Josh and I had already started down that long, disruptive, stressful road toward relocating back to PA, so perhaps my little boy was doomed before he even got out of the gate. When he did finally come into the world, it was abundantly clear that he was not happy about it. While both of my babies came out screaming, Anna was instantly comforted by Josh's voice when he said his first words to her. Jack, on the other hand, just kept on screaming even after the nurse had him resting gently on my chest. At that moment I knew Jack was going to be different. Since then, Jack has busted apart all of my Babywise-driven notions of the normal course for a newborn. At six months he's still spitting up all day long, has yet to sleeping consistently through the night, and cries pretty much any time he's not asleep or being held. As that's the case, you can imagine my joy when I found my angsty, refluxy, needy little boy passed out -- at will -- in our bed this morning. I laid Jack down so I could help Anna get dressed and completely forgot about him because he was so quiet. In fact, when it occurred to me that I had left him on the bed, my heart jumped thinking that if he wasn't crying, he must be dead. (Maybe this is why he cries to so much -- so I don't forget him!). I went back into our room and there was my little belly sleeper, dead asleep on his back! Anna used to fall asleep like this all the time -- on our bed, on her play mat, in the back yard... anywhere. But this was a true first for Jack and it made me happy to see him so peaceful.