Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Swing

In an effort to limit the baby gear clutter, we recently abandoned our gigantic indoor baby swing. Fortunately, we've managed to come up with a suitable alternative. Turns out if you use enough blankets and wedge a newborn in just right, the classic Little Tikes outdoor swing works just fine! A few swings in this bad boy and Jack's out like a light.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Froggie Jammies

Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Door (And Other Great Stuff)

I finally got my red door. Now I'm just wondering why I didn't have it painted three years ago! With the new siding and repainted shutters, it looks like we have a a completely new house. The best part is that I was in PA while all the work was being done, so I came home to a totally renovated house this weekend and I love it.
While we were in PA Anna had fun "helping" dad-dad wash the cars. My dad let Anna use almost a whole bottle of Windex which I'm pretty sure served as both an all-purpose cleaner (good for driveways and cars) and some sort of gardening liquid.

As for Jack, he's gotten a lot better over the past couple weeks. He just gets cuter and cuter... and bigger and bigger. Today I had to buy size 9 month sleepers for my enormous 10 week old boy! He's finally starting to smile and make a lot of happy little noises. I think he's decided he likes this world afterall. One thing he definitely likes is the bathtub. He tosses his arms and legs over the sides of the little hammock and does some serious relaxing:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Valentine's Day (A Little Late!)

I guess I'm still a little behind on the blogging. Better late than never. So typically, we're not huge fans of Valentine's Day (seriously, a scheduled day of love?), but this year we found oursleves rather conveniently happy and full-of-love-ish on February 14th and ran with it. Anna and I even made heart-shaped Rice Krispy treats which dissappeared in record time. As usual, the photos tell the story (plus, I'm still suffering from post-partum mush brain), so I'll stop the commentary here... except to say that I love Jack's face in photo #2 and I also love how Anna's holds her "coffee cup" when we have coffee (i.e. chocolate milk) together: