Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Door (And Other Great Stuff)

I finally got my red door. Now I'm just wondering why I didn't have it painted three years ago! With the new siding and repainted shutters, it looks like we have a a completely new house. The best part is that I was in PA while all the work was being done, so I came home to a totally renovated house this weekend and I love it.
While we were in PA Anna had fun "helping" dad-dad wash the cars. My dad let Anna use almost a whole bottle of Windex which I'm pretty sure served as both an all-purpose cleaner (good for driveways and cars) and some sort of gardening liquid.

As for Jack, he's gotten a lot better over the past couple weeks. He just gets cuter and cuter... and bigger and bigger. Today I had to buy size 9 month sleepers for my enormous 10 week old boy! He's finally starting to smile and make a lot of happy little noises. I think he's decided he likes this world afterall. One thing he definitely likes is the bathtub. He tosses his arms and legs over the sides of the little hammock and does some serious relaxing:


Jase and Melissa said...

what has our world deteriorated to that you must toss a washcloth over your son right before a photo op? Sigh. He's super cute anyhow. Will we cover cupid's privates now on old paintings and works of art?
Love the red door

The Hedden Family said...

Ha! After 3 boys, I assumed a much more practical purpose for the washcloth... spray protection! He's so adorable (and, of course, Anna too) and - you're right - he's huge!

Lori said...

Haha...I love the chunky bathtub picture. Yay for chubby babies! And I see that the newborn size hat will no longer be practical pretty soon. I'll have to think of another knitting project.