Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Big Guy

All of the sudden, Jack has changed from a blobby newborn into a spunky little baby. It feels like he learned to sit up overnight and now he's a total wild man in his walker. He's grabbing for everything in site, laughing up a storm, and has even mastered the uber tricky pointer finger - thumb pick up technique... which means he can officially be amused with a small pile of Gerber puffs on his high chair tray for at least eight minutes... which, in turn, means I can feed myself once in a while (yeah food). At 28" and almost 18 lbs, he has also officially outgrown his infant car seat. Yikes. While all this super fast growing up makes me a little bit sad, I'm mostly just happy to see him finally enjoying his world... sleeping more... spitting up less... and giving me enough toothless grins and giggles to make up for the fact that he still seems bent on starting his day at 5:15 every morning.

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