Friday, February 20, 2009

The Annas

This morning Anna's friend Anna -- yeah, confusing, I know -- came over bright and early to play. My lazy child was still in her favorite new hippo pjs. Anyways, I left them alone for 2 second and Anna #2 (who happens to be exactly one week younger than my Anna) got into the Goldfish and decided to share the wealth. As soon as I came back into the room, they both shot me knowing little malicious smiles.
The Annas play so nicely together, it makes me want to ask if Anna #2 can move in permanently. My Anna is so much happier with a friend around and I feel like I can get a ton of stuff done when she's distracted. She should have been a twin. Hm, who does THAT sound like?
As you can see, Anna #2's visit inspired a new hairstyle for Anna #1. I personally think the double stick out ponytails are a good look...

...I'm not sure Anna agrees. She kept looking at me all day like, "Seriously?"

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