Monday, August 18, 2008

Stomping the Divots

Saturday was beautiful here in RI so we spent the afternoon at the polo match in Portsmouth with a bunch of people from Josh's work. You're allowed to pull your car up near the field and tailgate as long as you want before and after the match -- fun! We sort of half watched USA defeat Jamacia, but were primarily focused on Anna (what else is new?) and eating (ditto)! Anna wandered around saying hi to all the spectators and making herself at home with anyone who had good toys. Here are some other highlights:

Stomping the divots with mommy

A rare family photo (of course someone had to close their eyes!)

Josh doing one of his favorite things -- grilling tubular meat product

Anna hanging out with her buddy Hadley

The two sides of Anna: 1) double fisting 2) studying intently (she's definitely ours!)

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The Hedden Family said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love Anna's dress! That first picture of her stomping divots reminded me of Pretty Woman - not that I'm comparing your 1-year old daughter to a hooker...