Monday, August 11, 2008

OBX, Paris Hilton, and Kisses for Everyone

It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since the last blog post. We just got back from our trip to the Outer Banks. We stopped in Phila on the way down and stayed two nights at Josh's parents house. While we were there, I snapped this photo of Anna petting a little bunny that we found in the yard. Her gentle pats quickly turned to violent wacks, so we had to tuck Mr. Bundersen back into his hole moments after this photo was taken.
I didn't take quite as many pictures as I might have liked while we were on vacation, but I did managed to catch this one cute photo. Anna wasn't quite sure what to make of the NC beach, but she definitely had fun at the pool and at the house playing with her Grandmom and Grandpop, and her "cousins" Erik, Leah, and Becca. Her favorite thing about vacation? Fruit Loops.
While we were in NC, we drove out to see the giant sand dunes and Josh took the "running down the giant mound of sand" challenge, nearly giving me a heart attack in the process. I was pretty sure he was gonna break his leg. I caught the moment on camera:

So we're back to the regular routine this week. This morning I nearly died laughing when Anna pointed to a photo of Paris Hilton on the computer and yelled "Maaa meee!" Just a few minutes later though, a photo of Tom Cruise popped up and she yelled "Daaa deee", so I guess there's truly some distorted perception there. She also cracked me up when I caught her climbing into her bin of toys. I had to run for the camera.


The Hedden Family said...

Thanks for the update! :) I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I think Anna is looking more and more like Josh! I loved the beach picture and the description of her petting the bunny. I also love that she called you guys Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise.

Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

I love the pictures. It sounds like your trip was good! Looking forward to putting them in matching onsies for OCNJ (at least for the requisite photo op). Don't you love watching them walk?!?