Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas

With only 12 days left until Christmas, Josh and I finally got our butts in gear and put up some Christmas decorations. A big thanks to Nan and Danny who sent us a wreath for our front door! Unfortunately, it feels like the outside is still lacking something... like maybe a new paint job. Seriously, who paints siding and shutters gray? Talk about bleak. Historically, Heebners have been known for 1) being adamantly opposed to fake Christmas trees and 2) vastly overestimating the height of their ceilings. You can imagine my shock when Josh suggested we get a fake tree this year. We didn't depart from tradition entirely, however, making sure that the tree we bought was entirely too tall for the room. Yes, despite measurements being printed right on the box, we still managed to get it wrong. Josh was "absolutely certain" that our living room could house a 9 ft tree. Turns out, we have a regular 8 foot ceiling in the living room. Thanks to Josh's fun factory of tools, that was "no problem." He just went and sawed a foot off the bottom. Well, that solved one issue and left us with two new problems 1) the presents have to go around the tree as opposed to under the tree because the lowest branches brush the floor, and 2) without that extra foot of support on the bottom, the tree lists dangerously to one side, as pictured. Sigh.


Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

The house looks lovely! Honestly! And Anna's face is priceless. Can I adopt her?

Lori said...

*laughing* What's that sound that Tim the Toolman makes? Uh, uh, uh.

The Hedden Family said...

After reading that whole commentary on your Christmas preparations, Anna's face totally looks like, "Uh, these are the people responsible for my well-being?"