Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Highlights

While the photo of Anna trying to see over her cheeks to examine her shoes was cute, it didn't make the final Christmas photo cut. After taking about 117 pictures, this is the one we sent out in most people's Christmas cards.
Though Anna was in the dark about most Christmas specifics this year, she still managed to get herself completely wired on holiday energy. Between the excitment at Granddad & Mom-Mom Kulp's on Christmas Eve and the sea of presents at Grandpop & Grandmom Heebner's on Christmas morning, Anna knew something was up. We also managed to make it to Aunt Ellen & Uncle Richard's house on Christmas Day where 31 extended family members gathered for dinner.
Anna was in all her glory with the huge crowd. She is definitely her father's daughter when it comes to socializing and otherwise putting on a big show. Despite extensive efforts by four family members, there was no afternoon nap to be had. We thought she'd be toast by the time we got back to the Heebner's at the end of the night, but she was still all geared up and happily floated around the extended Heebner/Turner crowd for another hour. Amazingly, she managed to calm herself down enough to go to sleep at 8:30.

One huge Christmas highlight for Anna was Ben's dog Scooter. Anna's head would whip around every time Scooter went by, so we decided to finally let her snuggle up with the dog. (For the record, Anna's fascination with Scooter does not bring me any closer to granting Josh's request for a dog!)

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