Saturday, December 8, 2007

Anna's Week End Highlights

This week, Anna started making a cute clicking noise with her tongue. (Possibly one that only a mother thinks is blog-worthy?) Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to edit video clips, so you'll have to wade through a full minute and a half of video in order to get the show!

Anna got to spend some time with her buddy Talia this week. Lori & I think there's definite friendship potential here... as opposed to one of those awkward situations where the moms are friends and they force they're children to be friends too! If Talia looks worried in this picture, it's probably with good reason. Lori was worried about Talia hurting Anna, but as it turns out, it's my child who has NO IDEA what you mean when you tell her to be gentle!

...and speaking of friends, this is long overdue, but I'm finally getting around to posting a photo of Anna with her other buddies, Nicholas and Matthew who she got to hang out with way back in October. Just two more men in the giant pool of friends' baby boys that I'll allow her to chose from when the time comes!!


The Hedden Family said...

That video is adorable! You could have put 10 minutes of her on there and I still would have watched it 3 times in a row! She is too cute!!!

Lori said...

I feel somehow content with the fact that I, your friend who tells stories with sound effects, helped you, my friend who commands both wit and language in your everyday speech, explained to you a basic function of your camera. Anna's clicking noises are an adorable beginning to what I hope are many more videos to come. :)