Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Old House

My abitious (read: crazy) husband decided to single-handedly tackle enclosing our side porch to create an office and (hopefully) a little extra storage space for the ever-growing pile of toys. I had little to no interest in starting another house project and proclaimed from the start that I would not be involved in this instanity. Naturally, watching Josh slave away broke my resolve and I've been logging 2.5 hours/naptime each day. We've already discovered our fair share of surprises -- a (thankfully defunct) wasp's (?) nest measuring almost two feet in diameter, lots of wood rot, and (on the brighter side) a concealed vaulted ceiling which we will definitely be keeping!

In the meantime, our poor Anna is walking around the house with a chunk of lip hanging out of her mouth after hitting the floor face first last night. The "hanger-on" piece is so disgusting that I can hardly bear to look at my own child (is that wrong?) and actually thought momentarily of cutting it off to relieve my disgust. She also got stung by a carpenter bee three times earlier this week and burned her finger on a lightbulb. Truly a banner week for Anna Claire. I spared you the injury/sadness photos and included these two cute ones instead.


The Hedden Family said...

That almost makes it more heartbreaking to see that adorable smile and think of the pain she must be in! Poor Anna!!! Tell her to take a day off!

Jase and Melissa said...

Next time, I would like to see a picture of you laboring beside your husband like a real Proverbs 31 woman...have Anna -girl genius- take the picture. I am pretty sure she's capable!

The Hedden Family said...

Ps. Build, Josh, build!!!