Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Vacation

We just got back from our vacation in Hilton Head and, for the record, paring down the number of photos for the blog was a difficult task. The house we stayed in was beautiful... the weather was perfect... I got a tan... and Anna was extra cute in her bathing suit this year. All of these factors resulted in a huge number of share-worthy snapshots.

Let's begin with this lovely photo of our still chubby little girl, complete with size extra-large swimmies (the package said size 2-12 years which seemed like a bargain to me!) and hot pink goggles (which Anna insisted on wearing). Anna made amazing strides with her "swimming" during vacation and by the end was demanding that she be allowed to "do by self" (i.e. don't touch me!)
Meanwhile, I rediscovered about 43 muscles I forgot I had thanks to some long bike rides and a never ending tennis match with Josh's brother Ben and his fiance Denise. I'm pretty sure that was the first time I'd done either in about five years. We're seriously considering buying some bikes and one of these great cart things for Anna (as you can see, Anna thinks they're a blast).
While Anna had lots of fun playing on the beach with her "cousins" Erik, Leah, and Becca, I think her favorite part of the beach might have been the thrill of drinking 100% juice out of a sippy box (we typically give her super watered down juice at home). Every five minutes she'd come up to me and say "juice now? juice now mommy?"

To my great delight, one thing we discovered on vacation is that we may have a girl drummer on our hands. Anna picked up the drum sticks one night while everyone was playing Guitar Hero and started banging away... in her monkey jammies, no less.

I could go on and on, but these last few photos are pretty self-explanatory, with one small excepetion... no, that is not coffee in Anna's cup (though her facial expression does remind me of how I feel when I have my first cup of coffee in the morning):


Jase and Melissa said...

Great pics Ansel! Don't you look super cute as well in your flowing tanks :) Love Anna's suit. Eowyn has been requesting a playdate with Anna with turrets-like repetity of late- Can you guys make it happen soon?

The Hedden Family said...

You're so right about Anna in her bathing suit - love the single pigtail, too! Very cute family picture at the end!

Lori said...

My favorite is the family pic at the bottom with your cute barely pregnant looking self.

Ellen said...

Great pics I especially like the one where the breeze is lifting her little sundress - so Marilyn Monroe. I heard in the month of July which is not over, Rhode Island has had 9 inches of rain when they normally have 2 inches. Oh, New England weather what a drag.