Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, Of Course

There's not much better than a chubby little kid running around in a stupid looking costume yelling, "Can-ee, Can-eee" (i.e. candy). I was actually kind of surprised at how well Anna seemed to grasp the whole trick-or-treat concept. I could just hear her inner-monologue: Hm, so what you're telling me is I just walk up to a door, look cute, and they give me candy? Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner?

Our first stop was at our neighbor Linda's house. Anna got her first lollipop (i.e. "pop") and managed to get it all over her costume. I love this picture. Again, inner-monologue: This pop thing is amazing. Why has mom been messing around with peas and carrots and chicken all this time?

After one stop in our neighborhood, we met up with friends of ours who have a tradition of going to someone's house for cupcakes & cookies pre-trick-or-treating so we got to tag along. Anna downed an entire cupcake and a huge chocolate chip cookie.

I think she was kind of ticked off when the sugar fest ended. Meanwhile, we were left wondering if she'd ever fall asleep...

We trick-or-treated for over an hour and only got to about eight houses. Trying to get four girls under the age of four to cooperate was challenging. Anna occassionally got fed up and wandered off on her own to find more can-eee.

Here's Anna doing a thorough inspection of "the other Anna's" costume.

THE GOODS. (All of which mom & dad ate on the way home.)

Post trick-or-treat pass out (still clinging to her light up bracelet)


Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

What a cutie in that costume! Funny that both she & Malachi did the chicken thing together. I hope the Ebay extravaganza was productive yesterday. You're my ingenius and industrious blue state inspiration!

kristen said...

I never asked if she wore the costume! She looked adorable. Glad you all had so much fun.