Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anna, Girl Genius

While we were impressed when she started counting to ten and when she passed the 100-word mark, it was the clear, unsolicited pronunciation of her "cousin" Eowyn's name that convinced us once and for all that Anna may in fact be a true genius. (Might I also add that shortly after this video was shot, she said "Nigh, nigh Eowyn" when we put the photo on her shelf at bedtime.)


The Hedden Family said...

That is SO cute!!! She has really good pronunciation! Love the videos - post more!

Ellen said...

Confirmation verified: Anna is a genius!! And as cute as a button in that jeans dress.
We love her, Aunt Ellen

Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

Confirmation: The choice of "Eowyn" as a name was GENIUS! ...Ipso Facto- It has made your daughter a genius! Everyone wins. Really- I am astounded and have been bribing Eowyn to say (as her 9th word) "Anna"...In some Pavlovian way, Eowyn will probably end up having icecream every time she hears Anna's name. The cousins reunion should be pretty sweet.

Mom-mom said...

More videos!!!