Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Photos

We received a special request for more Anna photos, so here you go. First, a picture of her in the new bathtub with a hair style created by Josh. You'll see a couple duckies floating around in there. She can't get enough of them and she definitely knows that their "home" is the bathroom. If I put her down in the upstairs hallway, she immediately yells "duh duh", flies into the bathroom, and picks up the first duckie she sees. Too cute.
And just in case you thought you'd never see a picture of Anna and mom, here it is. Since I'm usually the one behind the camera, there's been very little photo documentation of my presence (despite logging a solid 84 hours on the job each week). Josh took this on Sunday morning before we left for church.


Ellen said...

The only face that gets me through the day after 5 periods straight of alternative high schoolers is Anna. I have fallen in love with someone else's grandchild, I think that makes me pathetic.

Gmom H said...

Love the bath tub picture. Somehow, I knew the hair style was by Josh. I check your blog on a regular basis. And, I just love seeing new pictures. Thanks so much. Love to you all.

Mom-mom said...

Thanks for the quick response. You have snapped me out of my Anna withdraw. The added bonus of a picture of mom made your father happy-- both of his girls.

Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

Is that you in pink! I can't get over it- even the cute child in the picture can not detract from your selection of a pink item for your attire.
Naturally, you're both gorgeous!