Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthday Girl

There's no good way to talk about your baby's first birthday without sounding a little trite... can't believe a whole year has gone by... can't believe how much she's changed... blah, blah, blah. I actually thought I would be sad when the one year mark came, and while I'd give anything to go back to that delivery room and hear her voice for the first time all over again, I'm happy that she's a year old. She's a good, funny little person who seems to enjoy each day more than the next as she aquires new skills and comprehends more and more of the world around her. So, at the one year mark, I just feel really blessed that we have such a great little girl.

Here's a couple photos of Anna opening gifts at the Kulp family Memorial Day / birthday party that my parents hosted on Monday. Word got around about Anna's love affair with duckies, so she got a few more from her Aunt Ellen and, clearly, was thrilled about it.
I love this photo of Anna and her buddy Nicholas examining the goods. Poor Nicholas was in tears just before this picture was taken when he saw Josh let a birthday balloon fly away. Josh consoled Nicholas by telling him the balloon went to be with Jesus. It worked... no more tears.
Here's a photo of the entire Kulp clan (minus Jacob and Caleb). We just keep getting bigger. In the past four years we've added seven new members!
Anna got a Winnie the Pooh birthday card in the mail yesterday and she's been it carrying all around the house ever since. It's pretty cute, despite the glittery trail it's leaving.


Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

I just want to begin by saying that Granddad is totally giving Rebekah bunny ears in the family photo. Secondly. I am glad to hear that Anna has decided that life is worth living a little more each day. Finally. I love the risque picture that you begin this birthday memorial with. It's special in so many ways!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Anna!

Jeff, Anna, and Grace said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Anna! You will soon be a toddler and no longer a baby!! But I think it just gets better and better as they grow. What lovely photos.

The Carusos said...

Yes, that balloon went to be with Jesus...hey I was wondering if Josh was free to babysit this weekend???Nice shot of the entire Kulp family!Was that professional??