Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All Sorts of Adorableness

Anna finally figured out how to move the gate that we have cordoning off our fireplace and TV. This morning I found her standing up on the fireplace ledge, attempting to scale the bricks. New security measures had to be implemented. Though some of Anna's new skills make the mom job substantially harder, there are other things she picking up that are completely adorable and make it all worthwhile. She now understands what "give me a hug" means and will wrap her arms around you when you ask. She also has her own special version of a kiss -- essentially pressing her open mouth against your cheek. It's pretty darn cute. Anyways, we had a nice sunny day today so we played in the back yard for a while and went for a walk in the wagon. We finally go to break out the floppy summer hat! (For the record, those are my sunglasses)

1 comment:

Gmom H said...

Those sunglasses make her look like a much older woman! How cute. Love the hat!