Friday, April 25, 2008

The Bathroom Is DONE!


It's been 64 weeks since we bought our house in Rhode Island and finally, the previously showerless upstairs bathroom has come to remodeling completion. The actual project from start to finish only took six weeks, but even that seemed long. Having strange men in my house day after day, watching Anna's nap routine destroyed, and stressing out about money and the final project outcome made the weeks drag on. As with most home remodeling projects (especially on houses that are almost 100 years old!) we had our fair share of issues. The floor wasn't level, the walls weren't square, the steam radiator couldn't be fit back into the final design, etc. The crazy mishaps continued right up until the end when they were installing the marble vanity top and the undermount sink cracked off and smashed through vanity drawer #1. Truth be told, we still need to fix that issue, but I threw the draw in there because I was so anxious to post this blog. Problems aside, I absolutely LOVE the bathroom... and apprently, so does Anna. She had her first bath in the new tub and was like a maniac, crawling back and forth and splashing water everywhere.

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Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

This is really impressive! I am sure you're thrilled it's complete (or nearly). Can't wait to use the deluxe lavatory.