Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Update

The two big headlines this month were "Anna Starts Pre-School" and "Jack is a Boy". We'll start with Anna. Back at the beginning of the month -- September 14th to be exact -- I dropped Anna off for her first day of pre-school at Happy Times. I've never been more thankful about having a child who is completely fearless about venturing off into the world without me. Her school uses a drop-off and pick-up car line, so I didn't even get out of the car. Anna just hopped on down, grabbed her teacher's hand, and said goodbye to me without even looking back. As I pulled away, I caught one last glance of my sweet girl and her enormously oversized Dora backpack heading into the building. For a moment, I got weepy, and then, very quickly, my overarching feeling of happiness (for her and for me) took over. Anna loves being around lots of people and doing organized activities, so I knew she would love pre-school. And she does. She goes two days a week and is now also going to AWANA at a local church on Sunday nights with her friend Emma and she loves that to. Her ability to memorize Bible verses (or at least the gist of verses) for AWANA completely amazes me. As for Jack, well, he's definitely a boy. Everyone told me how different boys and girls are, but I don't think I was fully prepared for the wild abandon with which my newly mobile baby boy approaches the world. Just last week I found him climbing Anna's bookcase which made me think back to those furniture anchors I saw once upon a time in Babies R Us. These seemed silly at the (pre-baby-boy) time. Now I get it. I think even Josh is a little surprised at how recklessly Jack launches his whole body toward whatever goal he has in mind. He's also fabulous at just generally getting into things he shouldn't. I'm still trying to figure out how to manage Jack and a world of windpipe sized objects.


Jase and Melissa said...

Love Jack's rolls and wish that mine looked as cute, especially from the "back-side" angle. What is with boys and destructiveness?! We keep saying- what happened to our sweet, docile boy who didn't tear apart everything within reach. We just need a taser gun. That would at least slow Jack & Caid down.

The Hedden Family said...

I love Anna's pigtails and how proud she looks with her backpack on! I feel your pain on the boy activity - I could swap some great stories with you! It's nice to hear that there really is a difference between boys and girls, though... sometimes I think it's my own personal excuse.