Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back in PA

A lot has happened since we made our way back to PA three weeks ago. For starters, Anna turned three back on May 29th. We did our best decorating our interesting little temporary house by the dog food factory here in Quakertown with streamers and ballons. It was sub-par at best, but Anna was completely thrilled. Her big gift this year was a bike. She doesn't exactly get the concept of peddling, but she sure looks cute in the helmet. (I love this picture of her going cross-eyed trying to look at it.)

Since we got back, we've been spending lots of time catching up with family which, unfortunately, means driving 45 mintes back and forth from Quakertown to Lansdale and Hatboro over and over (sigh). Anna got to hang out with Eowyn a couple times already, including a trip to the sprinkler park. I was really happy that we were back in town for the last Kulp family event at 544 Melody Lane on Memorial Day. I forgot my camera for the big event, but my cousin Melissa took this great picture of Jack that I've shamelessly stripped off of her blog. So anyways, we're definitely anxious to get into our new house so that we can be closer to civilization (and have cell phone service!) again. We also can't wait to enjoy our big new back yard... we're already making plans for an Octoberfest complete with a Lederhosen-wearing accordian player we just met this weekend (long story)... more details to follow...

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