Monday, September 21, 2009


I'll admit. I doubted. But it looks like Josh is going to prove me wrong and have this addition sided and heated before the cold weather comes. Yesterday, he put the first few boards of siding on and it looks amazing. He's aiming to get the entire house resided before Thanksgiving. It's definitely a little too ambitious for my taste, but I guess I'm really not in a position to cast doubt! Meanwhile, we had our favorite Rhode Island plastering team (Manny and his son Manny) come and finish off the inside walls. While I momentarily considered doing tape & spackle myself, I decided that between all the tricky angles and my pregnant state it probably wasn't the best idea. So now, all that's really left is flooring, paint, and heat!

We've also managed to make some progress on the baby's nursery, having almost totally transformed the former oversized closet into a cozy (read: extremely small!) nursery. Thanks to some serious internet sleuthing, I managed to the Pottery Barn Kids elephant bedding I had my heart set on basically for free. Whoa! We're all ready for baby boy Heebs to arrive (15 weeks to go!).
And just in case there was any doubt, Anna is still just as cute as ever. She's definitely turned into a bit of a toddler handful, but the spicier she gets, the funnier she gets too. The other day she comes up to me, puts her hand on my arm and says, "Mommy, I going grocery shopping. I be right back. You have fun and don't cry. I wuv you." What a munchkin.


Jase and Melissa said...

SHe is cuter than ever. I wish you lived closer; Eowyn and Anna could exchange ridiculous pleasantries all day -like Eowyn's new favorite- "Daddy, don't poop in the shower! Okay?" Love this age and hate this age all at once. How is that possible.

Elizabeth said...

The nursery looks great Laura! Is that the room where Grady slept when we visited? Is that Anna's furniture? What does her room look like now?

The Hedden Family said...

I love that picture of Anna - and how hilarious is she?!? Can't wait to hear what she has to say with a new baby brother.

NGH said...

The house looks amazing!! Don't move! (j/k)
The new siding looks like a brownish color--is that right? I really like it.
I'm so excited for you--and the nursery looks wonderful!