Monday, August 17, 2009

We're Getting There!

My apologies to those of you who have been clamouring for a porch update, but the work that Josh has done over the past few weeks has been detail stuff that's not exactly blog worthy. (I seriously doubt that anyone would have been thrilled with photos of electrical outlets and romex wire.) Be still your souls, the wait is finally over. Here is a picture of the steps Josh built this weekend. To say it wasn't pretty is an understatement. It was almost 90 degrees up here, so after digging a couple three foot holes, pouring concrete, and wrestling with some unruly railing posts, Josh was a sweaty, filthy, grumpy mess... until he came up the idea pictured above which is essentially beer and a baby pool, but he calls his own personal Club Med.
Speaking of baby pools, here's a picture of our cute girl in her little pink pool, sporting a rare ponytail. I'm still not sure about posting semi-nude photos of my child, but I think this one is pretty tasteful.

Okay, one last photo for tonight... The other day I was running around like a crazy person trying to get out the door on time and I heard Anna say, "K mommy, I all ready." I turned around and there she was with her baby all tucked into the carseat, carefully giving her a bottle. She's been very into taking care of babies, wearing dresses, watching princess movies, and putting on lipstick. I definitely did not push any of these things, so I guess it's just hardwired into little girls to be like this. Very cute.

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