Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Most of you have probably received our Christmas card by now and have already seen this photo, but we got so many text messages about how funny it was that we thought we should post it on the blog too. We were lucky enough to have our camera on us when we happened upon Santa at a local nursery. Anna seemed excited about it while we were waiting in line, but as soon as we handed her off, she started crying the saddest cry. So cute. We left her on his lap just long enough to snap one photo and then comforted her with coookies! Prior to this Santa incident, I had tried in vain to get the perfect picture of Anna in her Christmas dress. I uploaded some of my best attempts below. I also uploaded some photos of our little family Christmas celebration from this morning... pancakes and presents!

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The Hedden Family said...

I LOVED the one of her wailing on Santa's lap. Really, he is kind of creepy if you think about it. The pictures you did were great too - you could have easily used one of those. But, I agree with your choice - it was priceless!