Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot Pink

Yesterday we went to the orthopedic doctor so Anna could get her real cast put on. Since she was mistaken for a boy four times in the lobby, I decided to go with hot pink. As the pictures show, she doesn't seem to mind the cast one bit!


The Hedden Family said...

She's so cute with that hot pink cast!!! I was so happy when Alex picked a blue cast when he broke his arm. By the way, I had Alex & Blake at storytime at the library the other day and a woman announced to the entire library how cute my "little baby girl" (all dressed in blue with a blue blanket and blue/brown diaper bag) was. People are clueless.

Jason, Melissa & Eowyn said...

Wow- She looks super cute...cast and all. Pink, Laur? All I can say- is "welcome to my excessively feminized world." Have the best day ever (cause it's your last 12 months before the ominous "30")

Mom-mom said...

She just exudes energy. Nothing can stop her.