Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Handful of Random Stuff

This may be Anna's best video yet. It's definitely worth viewing the entire 80 seconds. Anna's desperately trying to crawl, but no dice yet. In the meantime, she's getting around by rolling which is pretty darn cute. Take special note of the "oomph" sound as her belly hits the floor around 32 seconds and the interspersed "duh, duh, duh" sound (which according to "What To Expect The First Year" is supposed to be "da, da, da" but in Anna's case it's definitely a "DUH"). You also have to watch her face after she gets two sets of rolls in. She looks back at me like, "Hey, are you watching? Cuz I'm escaping!" and then, upon discovering that I'm completely absorbed with Oprah, she flashes a sneaky smile at the camera like, "Ha, she's not watching!"

Okay, so, I snapped this picture during bathtime and while I normally hesitate to post naked baby photos, I felt like I had to put this one up because I finally see what Josh has been talking about... she does look a little bit like her Uncle Ben! I totally see it in this picture.

... and in other news, could this kid get any cuter?? She's got a bad cold and cough right now, so I've been having to rock & bounce her to sleep. The upside is having a cute, chubby, drooly baby fall asleep on your shoulder.

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