Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anna The World Traveler

This week Anna & I traveled to VA to see Nan, Danny, and Gabriel. Anna now has ten states under her belt! She was a hit with the other passengers on the plane... everybody likes a chubby baby that doesn't cry much! So, we're thinking Anna & Gabriel (8 months) make a pretty cute couple! Of course, among the Grove City roommates, there are five boys now, so he's really gonna have to work his stuff if he plans on beating out Jack, Alex, Grant, and Grady!


The Hedden Family said...

Uh, how can you call Anna a world traveler without trip to the great state of Ohio? It's a very important state (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Drew Carey Show, Buckeyes, Wendy's, etc.)! Plus, she really should preview her options (Jack and Alex) before making a decision that will affect the rest of her life... Think about all that's missing from your firstborn daughter's life by failing to make such a trip.

beggmorrison said...

I think the boy that will win Anna's heart will probably be the first one to dye their hair purple...Alex maybe?